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Camp Hopewell offers a variety of programming options for our Retreat guests.  Whether you are interested in team building and group games, or individualized fun, let us help you take your retreat to the next level.


**Members of St. Andrew Presbytery are welcome to ask about our special rate.


If you want to take yourself or your group to new heights, then give our High Challenge Course a try.


With high elements, such as the 30ft Catwalk, Two-line Bridge, Climbing Wall, and Life, individuals can set goals for themselves and achieve new ones that they had never before thought possible.


Elements such as  Dangle Duo, require participates to work together and achieve their goals. Hopewell's High Challenge Course is on a dynamic belay system, meaning that each element is individually belayed by an experienced and trained staff member. All equipment and safety instruction is included.


We can tailor the activities to meet your group or individual needs. Challenge Course is programmed for a 1/2 day block. You can schedule a morning or afternoon, or build your whole weekend or week around this program. Plan for a challenge, but experience lots of fun.

You can add the zipline for an additional $10 per person. Or do the zipline without High Challenge for $20 per person.


**This programming option requires a minimum of 12 people. All participates are required to fill our the Hopewell Challenge Course Waiver prior to coming out to the course. Only Hopewell Authorized Facilitators may lead participates on the Hopewell Challenge Course.


Hopewell's Low Challenge Course offers many different choices of elements and experiences that can achieve all of the group goals and adventurous fun that you can imagine. Whether you choose to come for a half day, or a full day we can cater a program that suites your needs.


Our Low Challenge Course is a great way to build initiative, increase group trust and cooperation, identify leadership, improve group and self-esteem, and overcome any limitations that your group may be experiencing.


Low Challenge is an amazing way for group members to really get to know one another and have an experience together that they will never forget. Activities can have a low physical challenge to accommodate individuals who choose or are unable to do strenuous activities. Some elements are very physically challenging and can take your group through a high adventure day.


All Low Challenge elements are low to the ground and do not require harnesses and safety equipment. However, we do have trained facilitators on hand, who are experienced to lead groups safely through their time on our Low Challenge Course.


Hopewell hosts all types of groups for Low Challenge, including: summer campers, athletic teams, church youth groups, therapy groups, school and corporate groups.


**This programming option requires a minimum of 12 people. All participates are required to fill our the Hopewell Challenge Course Waiver prior to coming out to the course. Only Hopewell Authorized Facilitators may lead participates on the Hopewell Challenge Course.


Paddle out on our beautiful Lake Andrew!


Hopewell will provide the canoes, kayaks, paddles, and PFDs for your group. Canoeing is supervised by a Camp Hopewell appointed American Red Cross trained Lifeguard at all times to ensure that you and your group experience a fun, but safe paddle around Lake Andrew. 


**There is no swimming allowed in the lake.

  • $75 per hour for up to 25 people

  • $100 per hour for 26-40 people


Hop on the trailer and let the tractor pull you around the beautiful grounds of Camp Hopewell. Our trailer can carry up to 40 passengers per ride.


Our "Hey" Ride a fun and relaxing way to spend time with your group.

Shady Chute

Come and enjoy the beautiful, sparkling water of the Hopewell Pool. This Olympic style pool features a 3ft shallow end, and a 9ft deep end with plenty of room to splash around in between.


Rates start at:

  • $75 per hour for up to 25 people

  • $100 per hour for 26-50 people

  • $125 per hour for 51-75 people

  • $150 per hour for 76-100 people.  


A certified Staff Lifeguard is provided for every 25 people.


The pool is available for those retreat guests who book it from June 1 to October 1 (the pool is not available during our camp sessions).

$75.00 PER HOUR

Let our level 1 National Archery Association instructors help teach you basic archery skills, including the handling of a bow and shooting of an arrow, and learning the different parts of the bow and other archery tools.


We will work with your group and and play games that are designed to build your archery skills.




Our slingshot range is fun for all ages! This activity can be done in conjunction with archery and is a definite crowd-pleaser! 

Our 80 ft. culvert slide is fast and fun! Riders will slide down the pipe under the supervision of a trained facilitator. This is a fun activity for all ages and will have everybody screaming for more! 


**OTHER PROGRAM LEADERSHIP such as Bible study, worship, storytelling, and recreation for guest groups may be planned.  Program leadership will normally be charged at a rate of $75.00 per hour, plus any additional expenses.

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