Frequently Asked Questions

Can my camper come with a friend or sibling?

The unique community that is created at Diabetes Camp relies on the fact that all campers have Type 1 Diabetes. For this reason, we do not allow friends or siblings without T1D to attend these sessions. 

May I visit?

We ask that parents and friends do not visit during camp.  Experience has shown that visits during a 6-day camp session can distract from the child's experience and often will trigger missing home in other campers.  If a visit is absolutely necessary, please make arrangements through our director before arriving at camp.

How are staff selected and supervised?

All counselors are 18 years of age and older.  Most have completed one or more years of college and all have a firm Christian faith. Lifeguards require proof of certification and require a skills test preformed at Hopewell.  Other positions, such as Challenge Course leaders, require special training and review skills on our course.  All staff are required to attend two weeks of counselor training.  


Site Director, Darren Ashmore and his wife, Camp Director Allyson Ashmore, live on-site at camp and share responsibilities for care of campers and staff.


What is the staff to camper ratio?

Our ratios for staff supervision of campers are as followed:  Ages 6-9 is 1:6 (staff to camper) and ages 10-16 is 1:8.

Can my child have a cell phone with at camp?

We do not allow campers to have cell phones.  Besides disrupting the group building process, we prefer campers work out differences or problems rather than just calling home.  Please know that if a problem arises, a camp representative will be in touch with you, and if deemed necessary, or requested by the parents, we will put you in touch with your child.  We will never prevent a parent from speaking with their child.


If your child wears a CGM, we ask that he or she bring their PDM instead of their cell phone. If you do not have a PDM, a cell phone is allowed but must be given to the nurse with cellular capabilities turned off.

Will I be contacted in a situation pertaining to my child?

Counselors and camp directors are trained extensively on handling personal and medical situations with your child.  However, in extreme cases of missing home, medical illness, injury or other situations where a director deems it necessary to contact a parent, you will be phoned by a director.  If there is an after-hours emergencey, call the camp office and an emergencey number will be given to you on the voicemail.


We want to assure you that your child is in excellent hands. Each cabin has its own nurse, every counselor goes through extensive Diabetes training, and our medical director has over 30 years of Diabetes Camping experience. Highs and lows will happen at camp and we are capable of handling it! You will recieve a log of all of your child's bloodsugars at checkout.

How is the health of my child cared for?

A health history is required for every camper and a health screening is administered during camp registration.  All medications brought to camp are kept safely in our Health Center and are dispensed by our Health Care Manager.   All adult camp staff are certified in First Aid/CPR and every staff member goes through extensive diabetes training. Parents or guardians will be called in the event of any illness or injury that requires a doctor's care.


A nurse with diabetes experience is assigned to each cabin group. Blood sugar is measured before each meal, before bed time, mid of night, 4:00 am, right when they wake up, and whenever else it is needed or requested by the camper. Keytones are also checked every morning.

What is the refund policy?

Refunds, excluding the $50 non-refundable deposit (or $100 non-refundable deposit for Adventure Camps) , are given only if notice of cancellation is given two weeks prior to the start of the camp for which the camper is registered. If your child leaves camp early, for reasons such as behavior issues, missing home, illness, or by choice your camp fee will not be refunded.

Are scholarships available?

Yes. Hopewell has a scholarship fund to offer additional support to those who may need it. Scholarships are given on a first come, first serve basis. You can request a scholarship application by emailing our registrar,


*Camper applications are accepted without regard to ethnicity, race, church denomination or religion, on an available basis in the order they are received along with the deposit. 

Still have questions?

Call us at 662-234-2254 or come out for a visit.  We are committed to make this experience the best one it can be for you and your camper.

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