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Welcome to Camp Hopewell, where our mission is to empower one and all to connect with God, self and others in the natural beauty of God’s creation! We strive to live out this mission by fostering a safe space for all campers to come, explore, and be curious about the world that surrounds us. 

A little bit about us...

Camp Hopewell is an American Camp Association (ACA) Accredited summer camp located in Oxford, MS. Being ACA Accredited means that we are committed to creating a safe, nurturing environment for your children. ACA  standards exceed those of state licensing requirements. The ACA also provides Hopewell with a community of other summer camp professionals, which helps us to be sure that we continue to run our programs to the highest standard. You can learn more about ACA accreditation here

Camp Hopewell has been running our summer camp programs since 1949, when we started with just 3 weeks of summer camp in 2 cabins and the dining hall on 10 acres of land. Since then,  we have grown to 7 weeks of summer camp and retreat guests hosting during the other 45 weeks of the year on 280 acres of land in 12 buildings.  

What should I pack?

For Day Camp -  Your child will need to bring a bag or backpack labeled with his/her name that contains a change of clothes, including shoes, a bathing suit, towel, water bottle and sunscreen.

For Resident Camp - 

  • Pillow

  • Bathing Suits (2) (no string bikinis, please) 

  • Sheets, 2 twin size

  • Short sleeved shirts (one per day) 

  • Blanket, Quilt or Comforter

  • Shorts (1 pair per day) 

  • Towels (3-4)

  • Rain Coat/Jacket 

  • Washcloth

  • Pajamas

  • Shampoo/Conditioner

  • Underwear (one set per day) 

  • Body Wash or Soap

  • Socks, (1 pair per day, plus 1) 

For Diabetes Camp -

Follow the same above guidelines, as well as the below guidelines for what NOT to pack. 

We receive supplies for Diabetes Camp through donations, which allows us to provide many items needed for your camper's  time at Hopewell. Because of this, we ask that you do not send syringes, insulin, or meters. If you must bring a cell phone to use your CGM ( we prefer you bring the PDM instead), it will be given to the nurse. Because blood sugars fluctuate so much while at camp due to many different factors, Dexcom sharing will be disabled at check-in. 


Pumpers: Bring 6 complete infusion set changes, plus an inserter device (each set and device should be INDIVIDUALLY LABELLED). For Diabetes Wee-Bit campers, please bring 3 complete infusions sets. 

  • Toothbrush and Toothpaste

  • Shoes, 2 old pair, 1 being sneakers 

  • Comb/Brush

  • Water shoes (all shoes must have backs) 

  • Deodorant

  • Laundry bag 

  • Insect Repellent

  • Bible and (optional) Journal 

  • Sunscreen

  • Writing kit (paper, pre-addressed stamped envelopes)

  • Other Toilet Articles as needed

  • Flashlight 

  • Long Pants, 1 pair 

  • Medications (please do not pack these in your camper's trunk, as they will be given to the

        Camp Nurse at check-in)

We love a theme day...

Here at Hopewell, we love any opportunity to dress up! Because of this, your camper might be invited to wear themed clothes while at Camp. Details on theme days are decided by our creative summer staff, so be on the lookout for specifics in early to mid-May 2024. 


What should I NOT pack?

Do not send new or valuable items, such as personal sports equipment that you do not want to risk getting lost or damaged; electronics (MP3 players, video games, cell phones, etc.); pets; alcohol; drugs; tobacco; e-cigarettes; candy; food; or cash. Please know that Hopewell cannot be responsible for loss or damage to any personal items brought to camp. Pocketknives or other weapons are not permitted at camp. 


Bunk1 is a one-way messaging service that you can use to send notes to your camper while they are at Hopewell. We also upload photos to Bunk1 each evening after all of our cabin groups have returned to go to bed. Please note that we do our best to capture as many activities as possible, which often means that we do not upload photos until late at night. Because of this, we recommend you check each morning for the previous day's photos! 

You can sign up for Bunk1 using a pre-approved session code, which we will send to you once your camper has arrived at Camp. 

Information Packets

Once you register for camp, you'll receive an information packet for your child's session. No worries if you can't find that email - just click below to download the Parent Packets! 

Diabetes Camp Info Packet
D-Bit / Wee-Bit Info Packet

About the forms..

Making sure that your camper's forms are up to date is CRUCIAL for their success at Camp. We encourage camper parents to complete the forms when you register & then go back into your account to freshen things up two weeks prior to your child's arrival at camp. The videos below show you how to do these! 

Summer camp

Come see for yourself!

Come join us for our Open House!

When? March 3, 2024      2 - 5 PM

Who? New or Potential New Camper Families

Cost: FREE

Open House is an opportunity for new or potential new families to come out & tour camp! Come & go as you please from 2 - 5 PM. Attendees will have the opportunity to tour camp with some of our summer staff members & meet our directors to ask any questions they may have!

Can't make it on March 3? Contact us about setting up a tour some other time! 

Want even more information? Sign up here to receive our new parent information packet

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