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"She loves the camp and getting to be with her friends that also have diabetes.  The counselors and nurses are also top notch!"

Camper Parent, 2023

Why Diabetes Camp? 

Diabetes camp at Hopewell gives campers the opportunity to enjoy all the wonders and excitement of camp is a community of campers just like them! Living with Type 1 Diabetes is the norm at Diabetes camp - everyone counts carbs, checks blood sugars, and tries to balance food, insulin, exercise, and loads of fun!

Founded in 1976 by Dr. George Burghen, our Diabetes camps are built on a philosophy of uninterrupted play. We strive to teach and empower our campers to live with Type 1 Diabetes by doing things like blood glucose treatment and site changes out in the field. 

Under the guidance of our medical staff (which consists of several nurses, a resident medical provider, and a team of dietetic interns), campers are encouraged to develop age appropriate responsibilities for maintaining their diabetes. As Diabetes care changes year to year, we stay up-to-date on current recommendations for Diabetes Camp through our membership to the Diabetes Education & Camping Association

We offer 3 different sessions for our campers ages 6 - 16 with Type 1 Diabetes:

Want more information? 

Check out our Diabetes Camp FAQs, send us an email, or give us a call

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