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Retreat at Hopewell

Here at Hopewell, we strive to create a hospitable place for all to enjoy.

We do so by offering many opportunities for individuals, groups, schools and businesses to enjoy the beauty of God's creation in a comfortable community environment. Our spacious, modern lodges, rustic cabins, meeting rooms and dining facility allow for anyone to come and retreat here anytime of year that summer camp is not in session.

All of our lodging provide heat and air-conditioning. Many of our buildings also have wi-fi. We offer tables and chairs, A/V equipment, as well as cozy porches, gorgeous walking trails, group building, recreation, challenge course, canoeing, swimming, archery, delicious dining and much more.


Group Lodging

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Hopewell hosts all types of groups including personal retreats for individuals who just want to get away; elementary classes that come to learn in an outdoor classroom; large youth, adult or family retreats; and everything in between. 


Our Retreat Planning Guide includes descriptions of facilities, costs and rental policies to assist you in planning your event.


Just let us know what we can do for you! Call us at 662-234-2254 or email us at


Did you know that we do weddings too? Check out our Wedding Policies HERE.


The word “retreat” is often associated with spiritual renewal, but withdrawing to a quiet place can be beneficial to body, mind and spirit. Everyone needs the opportunity to get away from the daily routine now and then to be renewed and reenergized in their personal lives, work, relationships and spiritual life.


Whether you are planning for a church group, a group of colleagues at work, children and youth, married couples, singles, or a group of students within a class or school organization, retreats can be helpful in many ways.


Some of the reasons to consider a retreat are: Distractions are greatly reduced; An extended period of time to focus on a selected subject, issue, project, or need; Time for reflection and relaxation; Time and setting encourage physical activity and fun; A common experience and shared time strengthens community and teamwork; A natural environment is loaded with images and metaphors useful for teaching.


In addition to the beautiful setting, Hopewell offers many services that can enhance the success of your program. We hope to help you make your retreat a success.


Call  or email us to schedule your retreat today 662-234-2254 or inquire below.

Ready to start planning your retreat?


Fill in our event planner below to get the ball rolling. The more information you give us, the more accurate we can be with your quote. Our goal is to create a custom retreat to precisely fit your needs.

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