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Join our Summer Staff

The mission of Hopewell is  to empower one and all to connect with God, self and others in the natural beauty of God’s creation.

Your summer job should be exciting and meaningful. 

Many staff members find working at Hopewell a time when you can grow in your own faith and relationship with God, while also enjoying spending time outdoors and living in community!  You will develop and sharpen your skills in working with others.  Spending time on summer staff has been meaningful to previous staff and can be for you as well!  

Camp Hopewell is a ministry of St. Andrew Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church (USA), but we welcome staff members from many walks of faith. As long as you are open to learning and teaching about God's word, we invite you to join us! 


What's working on  summer staff like? 

The work is challenging and the standards are high, but being on summer staff is also a fun and rewarding experience!  Many staff members make lifelong friends here. As a member of Hopewell's summer staff, you can expect to be a part of a close-knit and encouraging community who will make you laugh during the good times and lift you up during the hard times. 

As a group counselor or support staff, you can expect to stay in the cabin with children and youth ages 5-16. Working with cabin groups, you will develop leadership skills that will be useful the rest of your life.  In addition to leadership, you will also develop communication, problem solving and conflict resolution skills. See an example of a weekly schedule here!

Summer Staff Testimonies


I'd tell someone considering applying "Just go for it!" If you're even considering it a little bit you should try it. It’s a beautiful place and an amazing opportunity. I’d recommend it to anyone and everyone!


Summer staff taught me the value of kind works. Smiling, listening, being a helping hand or a comforting friend can change someone’s life forever, so it’s important to be considerate of the way you treat people in passing.


My favorite parts of working at camp were becoming best friends with my co-counselors and teaching kids about God and how great He is.



I think that Camp Hopewell is such a unique place and you get to kind of forget about the rest of the world and just be in the moment.



Summer Staff Job Descriptions


Group Counselor

Age 18+

Group Counselors work with Co-Counselor and Support Staff to lead their cabin group in planning their schedule of activities for the week and work to see that stated goals are met. As a group counselors, you will reside with and supervise assigned Cabin Group at all times except for designated times off. You will serve as a role model to campers, and will work to ensure their safety and well-being. Certifications or experience such as Lifeguard Certification, adventure programs such as challenge course, swimming, outdoor living, canoeing, nature study, arts and crafts, recreation, sports, drama, music, and other camp program skills will be looked upon with favor. (Some of these skills will be taught during staff training.)


Adventure Counselors

Age 19+

The two Adventure Camp Counselors will guide Adventure Campers (ages 13-16) in planning and carrying out learning and activity goals. Training in challenge course or adventure education as well as American Red Cross Lifeguarding certification desirable. Any other camp program skills will be looked upon with favor. (Hopewell may require this person to complete special training at Hopewell and perhaps at another center.)


Leadership Staff

Age 19+

Our leadership staff is a strong team of returning staffers dedicated to supporting other staff and embracing Hopewell's mission. To be considered for the leadership team, you must have demonstrated good leadership skills and served on the Hopewell staff in a previous season. One Resource Counselor will also serve as Pool Supervisor. (Must be 21). Each Resource Counselor must be skilled and/or certified in things such as Lifeguarding, Archery, Canoe Instructor, Challenge Course, Outdoor Living Skills, Arts and Crafts, Leadership for Support Staff, Worship Leadership, or other specialty


Other Positions

Age 18+

Our health care manager and a media intern are valuable team members! The Health Care Manager will handle all medical service needs as authorized by the camp's on-call licensed physician. As Health Care Manager, you will be in charge of maintenance and supervision of the dispensary, make a daily check for cleanliness of the facilities, observe camper & staff physical condition, and care for specific camper or staff disabilities, dietary needs, etc. Duties will also include keeping records of health forms and daily sick calls, incident reports, medication dispensed, health screening, and general health treatment. (A Nurse will be hired to work with the Health Care Manager a few hours each day.) The Media Intern will be responsible for capturing the magic of camp through photos and videos. Daily tasks include capturing photos/videos, sorting and cataloging images, uploading to Bunk1 for parents, and making posts to social media. Weekly tasks may include a weekly recap video as well as a newsletter. As the Media Intern, you will report to the Program Director. Familiarity with Adobe programs as well as Instagram and Facebook will be looked upon favorably, but if unfamiliar, training can also be arranged. Media Intern can be a resident or part-time role.

A number of staff members have received 2-4 hours of college course credit for their work at camp.  Our Director is happy to discuss and work with you and your professors to make an "independent study" course possible.  Please check with your school before hand to determine course requirements, then reach out here


Support Staff

Age 17

Support Staff reside in cabin with campers and group counselors. Duties will be assigned in support of the overall camp operation —these will include: dish washing, trash detail, cleaning, grounds care, and other 'behind-the-scenes' projects. Support staff also participate in cabin leadership the same as a group counselor does, but are not to be left solely responsible for supervision of campers.

Want more information? We'll send you an information packet & remind you when 2025 summer staff apps are LIVE! 

It's headed your way!

Application Process

Apply Buttons

Phase 1: 
Complete the online application.

A thorough background check will be conducted on each applicant, including reference checks, a criminal background check and a sex offender registry check.

Phase 2: 
A group interview will be arranged. 

Following the group interview, you will be notified of our decision and, if to be hired, sent a contract with a detailed job description, health form and other information.

Our application will go live in October. Please sign up for an info packet above if you're interested, and we'll send you a reminder when the application goes live! 

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