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High Challenge Course

$20 per person per half day

3 hours

What to Expect...

If you want to take yourself or your group to new heights, then give our High Challenge Course a try.


With high elements, such as the 30ft Catwalk, Two-line Bridge, Climbing Wall, and Life, individuals can set goals for themselves and achieve new ones that they had never before thought possible.


Elements such as  Dangle Duo, require participates to work together and achieve their goals. Hopewell's High Challenge Course is on a dynamic belay system, meaning that each element is individually belayed by an experienced and trained staff member. All equipment and safety instruction is included.


We can tailor the activities to meet your group or individual needs. Challenge Course is programmed for a 1/2 day block. You can schedule a morning or afternoon, or build your whole weekend or week around this program. Plan for a challenge, but experience lots of fun.

This programming option requires a minimum of 12 people. All participants are required to fill out the Hopewell Challenge Course Waiver prior to coming out to the course. Only Hopewell Authorized Facilitators may lead participates on the Hopewell Challenge Course.

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