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We're on a mission, and you can help..

We're on a mission to reach as many new people about summer camp as we possibly can this Spring. Help us on this mission by putting us in contact with the groups that you & your children are already a part of!

Whether this be churches, sports teams, clubs.. we can send materials, come speak, or simply sit down to answer questions. If you have a group that you'd be willing to help us reach, please send us an email, give us a call, or put all of the information in this form. 

Diabetes Camp at Hopewell-22.jpg
Diabetes Camp at Hopewell-60.jpg

Camp is more fun when all of the cabins are full! Because of this, if you refer us to a group before February 29, 2024, and we are able to arrange a visit or virtual meeting with them, you will receive a $50 store credit, which can be applied to your camper's account or used in our online store. Thank you for your help!

Who should we be talking to? 

If it would be easier to chat, call Lindsay, our Program Director. 


How do you recommend we reach this group?

Thanks for your help!

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