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Are you looking for a fun way to give back to the ministry of Camp Hopewell this summer?  The past few years we have offered our Adopt-A-Counselor program as way to connect you all with our staff and show them some love! Well, with all the changes brought on by the COVID-19 Pandemic, we have a new way for you to support the staff members that we have on site... it's our Feed- A- Counselor program!


Eight staff members are here at camp for the summer living in community. They are committed to keeping the spirit of camp alive for our campers at home as well as taking care of this special place so it is ready when we have campers and guests onsite again. 

Payroll and utilities are covered due to government stimulus money, however, food cost is not. 


If you would please help support them in this time here at camp, we would greatly appreciate it!


1 week of meals= $40

2 weeks of meals=$80

1 month of meals=$160

2 months of meals=$320


Also, any amount you would like to donate is very much welcomed! 


We hope you will consider helping us to feed  our wonderful staff members this summer! 


 Click the button below to Feed a Counselor today! 



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