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Realizing that families have different abilities to pay, Hopewell offers a voluntary three-tier fee program. You may choose the tier that is most suitable for your family. It is a "free-will" system; you pick the level that is comfortable and affordable for your family. All campers receive the same experience no matter what they pay. In addition, for those families that cannot afford Tier 1, additional financial assistance will still be available to ensure that all children and youth have the opportunity to attend camp.


This is our historically subsidized rate and does not reflect the full cost of operating summer camp programs.


This is our partially subsidized rate for those who can pay a little more but may not be able to afford the actual cost of camp.


This is our rate that more closely reflects the actual cost of camp, including wear and tear of the buildings and grounds.

**Again this program is VOLUNTARY and in no way influences the experience campers will receive. It only offers the opportunity for families to take an active role in supporting the actual cost of their child's camp experience and the ministry of Camp Hopewell.

Camp Hopewell offers scholarships to assist those with financial need. Campers will not be denied a scholarship request because of race, ethnicity, gender, or religion.  
In order to apply for a scholarship, your camper must first be registered for camp and the $50.00 deposit paid.  Once you have done this, you may contact our registrar for a scholarship application.
Diabetes campers can find assistance through a number of resources.  For internal assistance , please follow the same procedure as above.
Many of the churches in the Presbytery of St. Andrew pay some or all of the camper fees for members of their churches.  Please contact your Youth Director or Pastor to find out if your church offers scholarship assistance.
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